Why Respecting the Opposite is a Challenge?

“My opinion will always matter more than yours.”

If we continue with this narrative, how will we grow? Black vs White. Men vs Women. Blondes vs Brunette. The silent ( and not so silent) comparisons have doomed our ability to bond with others.

Opinions vary from person to person, facts are the only thing that remains the same. In today’s society, opinions are treated more like facts. We say it with our chest and respect others to fall in line. If they don't see things from our perspective, we find a way to make them a villain and now force-feed our views on others. It’s giving “join my cult” energy. While I appreciate the ability to self think and stand firm on how we think and feel, this is never the way to go.

As a child, I was always an individual. I stayed in my own lane and did what made me happy. While I hear the woes of peer pressure, I can assure you I cant relate. I didn't get a boyfriend because all my friends got one, I got one because I like him.

In adulthood, I find peer pressure runs more rapid among us.

Who would've thought me living my life the way I intend to be challenged by people I didn't know, strangers if you. This is the way of sharing your thoughts on social media or in any space where people remain the main character in a conversation.

I admired those whose opinions I didn't agree with and didn't feel the need to force their thought on me or sway my point of view on certain matters. In this, I’ve befriended people from all over the world and walks of life. Through this method of being the supporting actor in the conversation, I was able to let people speak and listen intently to the thoughts they were expressing.

In the art of conversation, being the supporting actor simply means you can let someone speak their truth without interruption. Allowing another person to express themselves is free and it is liberating for the other person.

Do you remember as a child we were seen and not heard? Some have experienced having their thoughts ignored or belittled. We are not children nor adults who dismissed the ability to gain a fresh perspective. I am thankful I had parents who let me express myself and ask a million questions about what I observed in my short journey as a child. (Thank you, mom and dad)

I say all of this to say, learn how to STFU every now and then you will receive even when a thought doesn't align the way you wish. You could learn something new about yourself or heal a wound you never knew you had. Racism will forever be run amuck in our world. People are not willing to address the struggle of blacks in this country, but that’s another conversation for another time.

The world doesn’t revolve around you, make room for others!



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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

Author of “The Heart’s Patchwork:Poetry for Self Love” Available on Amazon Kindle. NYC Writer| TiaraMitchell.com