What is Toxic Positivity?

We have heard about toxic negativity. Have we shed light on toxic positivity? If you let people tell it, they were never negative in their lives. We have to honor moments when we weren’t our best as a collective. Toxic positivity happens when people do not fully acknowledge negative emotions, particularly anger and sadness. You try to ignore these moments and “this too shall pass” them away. I’m here to let you know you are human.

Toxic positivity is rarely discussed but should be addressed more often. We must shed light on how this confirms and transforms our human experience. When we have things we didn’t desire happen, we default to labeling them unfavorable. Toxic positivity is a tactic people use to overcome these moments. In today’s society, we should ignore the sadness we initially feel by trying to reconfigure our minds. Sitting with these emotions shouldn’t be labeled a crime in these moments. It's okay to cry, be angry and even feel moments of being hopeless.

Never ignore your moments for temporary soothing. Sadness and anger are part of our life experiences. You don’t have to be happy all the time. It is safe for you to feel but don't stay there too long.




NYC Writer|Blogger www.TiaraMitchell.com

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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

NYC Writer|Blogger www.TiaraMitchell.com

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