Small Time Writer, Big Time Number Game

Dear Medium,

I recently received an email about the number ratio of my followers. I get it; no one wants to bank on the person who isn’t wholly dedicated to using your fantastic platform. Through scrolling this site, it’s bombarded with “how to make $$,” not much about life, experiences, and emotions. This is what I bring to the table with pride. It seems in this capitalistic society we are I, I decided to take a leap and feed the beast that is being starved. This pandemic, possibly WWIII, is more concerned with our livelihood than inner work. To many, stability is crucial and the only key that matters.

My writings challenge people to dig deep into themselves and pour into themselves. This is a superpower that is key when forming your stability. It is a significant key that often gets overlooked our outsourced. I believe in therapy and am grateful for transforming many lives. To go to someone who will listen and help you analyze parts of yourself that we often lay dormant is truly impressive. But, I write for those who would like to soothe their wounds. I write for those who weren’t aware of the scab of self-healing they could do it themselves. I write for those who feel things beyond therapy business hours.

I may not have a listicle on “How to make $250,000” this year, but I don’t think my writings should be overlooked due to the demand of those wanting more for themselves. I applaud and genuinely thank all who have taken the time to read my article and found them relatable in one way or another. TO make it to 100 followers would be I left platforms for the over-emphasizing the numbers game we seem to play when it comes to one’s art.

This platform is fantastic, and I’m so thankful for all I’ve learned. It motivated me to write and be fearless in showing the world my thoughts. Though I was once paralyzed with fear, I am beyond thankful for the catalyst.

A thankful, new writer




NYC Writer|Blogger

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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

NYC Writer|Blogger

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