Motivation is a Myth

Motivation is the special sauce we must all drizzle on our goals. It’s the only ingredient we need to excel in whatever we put our minds to.

In elementary school, our parents always told us to aim for good grades. I can say personally their words went in one ear and out the other. It wasn’t until I found a subject I loved and began to excel.

As we get older, financial security is now a top priority on our list. Thanks to the internet, there is ample information from world-renowned gurus sharing the secrets to just that. We’re so spoiled; we can listen to them on a podcast, buy a book or my personal favorite, watch them on Youtube.

I’ve grown to see, no matter how many hours I spent looking for the ‘special sauce,’ nothing felt inspiring.

Owning a tech start-up and selling it for millions within a year sounded terrific, but there was still no spark there.

Of course, one would question if I was simply lazy and not wanting to step outside of my comfort zone. In this thought, I began to think, what’s so wrong with a comfort zone. I would define a comfort zone as a place where you’re naturally inclined to excel because of your interest.

While looking for an external new skill, I realized all I needed was in me already; writing. Writing is a skill I’ve slowly developed over the years since elementary school.

I chose to go out in the world and emurse myself in many new things to only return to the skill I loved the most.

There are a million articles out here teaching us how to be a better self. How our lack of attention to detail or drive to excel is the thing that leaves us behind.

The self-help book industry is an $11.3 million, excuse me, $11.3 billion industry which seems to keep growing by the day. Though the industry is lucrative, I do think it serves a purpose.

As writers or humans in general, we are constantly looking for the next best thing or way to improve ourselves. We search Google for new ways to market and improve our skills.

What is my point?

While you’re aiming to be all you can be and create the financial security you desire, make sure you use your secret weapon. This may be a secret weapon you’ve overlooked for so long; the only catch is it comes from within.

Don’t beat yourself up for spending $$ at Barnes & Nobles and not embodying the drive of Mark Cuban overnight. What’s meant for you will always be if you simply look inside.

We don't see how our mindset of endless thirst for knowledge can block the very thing we already have.

Take the time to embody who you are genuinely, your faults and strengths, and be the best version of yourself possible. You may shock yourself and create a new route that best works for you.



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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

Author of “The Heart’s Patchwork:Poetry for Self Love” Available on Amazon Kindle. NYC Writer|