I Just Applied To My Last Job

Working for yourself sounded like a burden as someone who enjoyed working for someone. I worked in hospitality, where you meet new people daily, and I was able to exercise my people-person skill. I wasn’t selling unnecessary clothing like retail. I was simply ensuring a great dining experience for all who came through the door.

Working in this industry for a decade may be time for a change. Being self-employed sounded farfetched to me. I didn’t own a restaurant, so how would I work for myself and exercise this skill?

Writing is a craft I’ve exercised over the years and didn’t want to use it for a financial crutch. I enjoyed the liberty of being inconsistent and posting as I pleased.

But dare I admit I didn’t write full time because it meant believing in myself.

Sure, working for someone else is easier, but when your profit is sky high, you would only see crumbs of it.

I worked at one restaurant where the place closed due to lack of profit to find another in the works. I was saddened when I found out my role wasn’t needed anymore.

I’m excellent with people and couldn’t think of what to do next.

When I got to the root of what I enjoyed about hospitality, I enjoyed engaging with people. You’d think eating at a restaurant would be an easy transaction, but I found the customers felt comfortable with me. They would tell me intimate details of their lives while I would offer harmless advice or a word of encouragement.

Now, I’m excited to believe in myself and use my natural skill; writing.

Working a 9–5 is no crime. It becomes criminal when you’ve cast your fish out multiple times with no bite. The rejection emails declaring ‘it’s not you, it's us’ become repetitive and dim your drive.

This article, in no way, is meant to bash being an employee. It’s amazing to find a space that works for you and you're able to apply your strengths.

It doesn't take much to have faith in yourself. What better way to make money on your time doing something you love. It doesn’t just have to be writing; take matters into your own hands.

Never let the rejections get to you. One thing all billionaires have in common is; believing in themselves.

While multiple streams of income are ideal, there’s nothing wrong with finding your one true passion and giving it all you got.

Kudos to all who took this step and followed their dreams. I will always love hospitality, but it’s okay for me to move on. Believing in myself and embracing what I love doesn’t need anything other than patience. Wish me luck with the patience part.



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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

Author of “The Heart’s Patchwork:Poetry for Self Love” Available on Amazon Kindle. NYC Writer| TiaraMitchell.com