Don’t Step Out on Faith.

Faith is considered for action when there is no need for such. It’s the size of a mustard seed that lays dormant in our hearts that grows little by little over time. It’s an unseen force that has gotten us through things we never thought we could. Or, it has stagnated us in something we’ve never seen coming only to learn strength. Trial and error are both tools need to excel in the world you want for yourself. Faith has gained a famous reputation as the golden child, always having things go our way.

Our faith can also get us in situations our logical mind can’t seem to solve in life. When we feel misled by faith, we think we have made mistakes. This mistake starts to gnarl at our strength and causes us to fall out of faith and into desperation or adopt behaviors proven to be measured. At the end of this ‘painful’ fight, as we exhaust all our options, we fall back into line with the very thing we’ve abandoned; faith.

In our pain, we stay blind to what didn’t go our way and lose the very thing we need the most; faith. Faith is a tool that shouldn’t be measured by success only. Even in dismay, faith is all we need. Many religions have adopted faith, causing some who rebel against them to alienate the concept. Faith is the imaginary safety blanket you form in your mind. Faith is an unexplainable tool we use to excel in life.

In this time of spirituality receiving commercial attention, I find people have been having open conversations and seeking guidance from other human beings. To ask another person, “What is my purpose?” whether life coach or therapist, we have handed over our ability to think for ourselves. It is the hugest mistake you can make as an evolved being.

Buying out all the self-help books man can buy, you are eroding your intuition and relying on external validation. There is nothing wrong with reading a few, but the addiction to analyzing details of yourself and not the bigger picture will cause depression and anxiety. I believe in depression and anxiety, but it isn't a permanent place to be. When met with resistance, being mindful of your patterns, reactions, and behaviors can tell you all you need to know about your future.

If you can master the art of self-accountability, you can be unstoppable. If you’re able to accept failure, your ambition can never be questioned. If you’re about to adapt to change and keep clarity, you can build momentum on your journey.

We have all the power we need in ourselves. Time alone and recording your journey are great tools needed to persevere in life. Think of writing in your journal as trips to the gas station when you’re running low on the ‘ambition’ fuel.

Self-help is the best help, but it has to come from just that; self. If you feel something this simple couldn’t solve the depths of pain, you’re mistaken. When we are drowning in our sorrows, it seems like the end is always near.

This is when you should be most gentle with yourself; taking small steps and digging within can do wonders. Release the need to control or analyze your feelings; the most important thing is understanding the ‘why. The ‘why’ lives in you. Have faith in yourself.




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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

Author of “The Heart’s Patchwork:Poetry for Self Love” Available on Amazon Kindle. NYC Writer|