3 Albums All Black Women Need

This article comes to you at the end of Black History Month and Women’s Month eve. Music is a part of us. We listen to music when were are sad, happy, or simply taking a drive to Trader Joe’s. I still listen to 90’s R&B, trap music, and old-school reggae with no shame. There was a time when being able to play an album from intro to outro without skips, made you a great artist.

No one paid attention to selected hits played on the radio, can you create a full body of hit? For me, a whole album to run through has been a little challenging, so a playlist of the new music is how I get through. When I’m feeling a little lazy, I resort to playing full bodies of work from the past.

Below, in no specific order, I’ve listed the three albums that will always have a special place in my heart from start to finish.

1. Sade- Best Of Sade

Cover of Best of Sadé

Sadé. One day we will conduct a class study to see if this woman is indeed human. Earth angel is what I call her. Once you put this album on, you’ve been summoned into an ethereal place of just vibes and sweet nothings. Sadé has perfectly harmonized, talking about how love can be kind and cause eminence pain.

You would be able to tell which side you were on until the end of the song. The melodic beats and unique voice of this songwriting unicorn can only be appreciated in full submersion. The Best of Sadé is one album I could never turn off mid-play; it needs to be played to its entirety.

My favorite song on the album: ‘Is it a Crime’


Whew, this is a tough one. ‘Is it a Crime’ is a timeless heartbreak song. She sings of having bomb love that her lover couldn’t receive. The instrumental intro in itself is so expressive. The songs talk about being left, and her lover moves on, but Sadé is indeed reminding him, she ain't me. Thankfully, there’s no shame in this earth angel’s game because she’s admitting; I miss you boo.

2. Erykah Badu: ‘Baduizm’

The alluring, calming, empathetic, and heavily hypnotizing essence known as Erykah Badu. You don't need meditation, crystal, or incense to pick up what this neo-soul empress has to offer. She sings of life’s mystical happenings and expresses them in a poetic and up for internal interpretations. It’s one of those albums you put on when you need a mind, soul, and spiritual cleansing.

She sings of the things we feel but sometimes has difficulty verbalizing. She speaks of taboo topics that may not be instantly relatable but give it time, the math with math later. Erykah sings of life’s challenges but reminds us “the sun will always shine” and “nothing happens before its time and has a meaning.

Favorite song on the album: ‘Other Side Of The Game’


Though this song was released in ’97, I was six years old, but you couldn't convince me I couldn't relate. I love this song because she’s taking the time to express the importance of her partner and how she loves him, flaws and all.

3. Solange: ‘A Seat at the Table’

Last but not least, Solange’s A Seat at the table”. I won’t lie; this album had to grow on me. I listened to it when it came out and felt indifferent. Fast forward to late 2021, this became part of my rotation. This album is well organized and fluid in the black empowerment energy. Snippets from Master P and others with a quick reminder of who WE are is priceless.

She wasn't afraid of pushing the envelope with repetitive simple phrases. One couldn't help but feel that she knew what I needed to hear at a certain point in my life. Each song touched on a different mood. Thank you girl.

Favorite song on the album: ‘Weary”


The smooth tempo with the lyrics speaks to holding space for yourself. It speaks on the quiet doubts we hold inside while telling us to push on.



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Tiara Mitchell

Tiara Mitchell

Author of “The Heart’s Patchwork:Poetry for Self Love” Available on Amazon Kindle. NYC Writer| TiaraMitchell.com